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Art is an inseparable part of being human. Not only is art almost as old as man himself, it has traveled with him the misty paths of pre-history, through centuries and civilizations, to remain until the present time.  When Kandinsky stated that art was the child of its age, he was surely referring to more than just a chronological relationship. Children everywhere are heir to the characteristics, both psychological and physical, of their parents. Yet, there exists a difference between the old generation and the new. The difference is reflected in art. Art is a basic form of communication. Just as a landscape inspires a dreamy poet to write a verse, just as the musician takes a fancy to a natural sound to compose music, just as a dancer sways to a rhythm or beat, an artist picks his brush to color a barren white canvas to express. It is a form of visual communication.

Art forms a separate asset class in the total portfolio and is emerging quite strongly over the last few years. Exposure in art as an investment can be taken via art funds as well as directly buying art. We provide both the above services to our clients through our tie-ups with art funds and art advisors and major galleries in NCR. In case you have any particular painting to sell or you want to buy any particular painting, please contact us.

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